Who is Greg Edgar?

Greg Edgar is a certified member of the American Federation of Professional Dog Trainers (AFPDT). He is a canine behavior specialist working with all breeds since 1987. His in depth knowledge, practical experience (over 4000 dogs trained) and understanding of real life situations and goals will result in a thorough education for both dogs and owners.

Greg has worked with all breeds and owners within the general public, including rescue organizations, humane societies, police officers and movie producers. Greg is experienced in behavior, competition obedience, shutzhund, personal protection, theatrics and commercial narcotics. Greg's true passion is canine behavior. His patience, love and natural ability to understand this behavior combined with his personal approach and understanding of your needs is what makes him such a unique trainer/behaviorist.

Greg's assistance is often sought after by many local veterinarians in the assessment of temperments, personality disorders, and cases of extreme aggression. His ethical opinion combined with his success rate ensures you are making the right choice in selecting The Greg Edgar School For Dogs, LLC for helping you resolve your canine concerns. Remember its experience that counts! We don't practice on your dog, we train him - GUARANTEED IN WRITING.

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