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Do you want to start off on the right foot? Do you have an unruly dog or puppy? Is your dog destroying your possessions? Is he soiling your house? Is he jumping on you or your guests? Is he annoying you or your neighbors with excessive barking and embarrassing behaviors? Is your dog showing signs of aggression? Can your best friend be even better? Through our positive, humane, fun and motivational methods all problems can be resolved or avoided. We offer consultations, private lessons, at home services and boarding programs all customized to fit your needs. We service Bergen, Rockland, Orange, Ulster, Dutchess and Westchester Counties as well as Manhattan. Call us today for a free evaluation!

Who is Greg Edgar?

Greg Edgar is a certified member of the American Federation of Professional Dog Trainers (AFPDT). He is a canine behavior specialist working with all breeds since 1987. His in depth knowledge, practical experience (over 4000 dogs trained) and understanding of real life situations and goals will result in a thorough education for both dogs and owners.

Greg has worked with all breeds and owners within the general public, including rescue organizations, humane societies, police officers and movie producers. Greg is experienced in behavior, competition obedience, Schutzhund, personal protection, theatrics and commercial narcotics. Greg's true passion is canine behavior. His patience, love and natural ability to understand this behavior combined with his personal approach and understanding of your needs is what makes him such a unique trainer/behaviorist.

Greg's assistance is often sought after by many local veterinarians in the assessment of temperments, anxiety disorders, and cases of extreme aggression. His ethical opinion combined with his success rate ensures you are making the right choice in selecting The Greg Edgar School For Dogs, LLC for helping you resolve your canine concerns. Remember its experience that counts! We don't practice on your dog, we train him - GUARANTEED IN WRITING.

The Unique Greg Edgar Method

Greg Edgar trains all breeds, giving him the advantage of understanding behavior from toys to giants.

Greg focuses first on the owner, providing them with a thorough understanding of dog psychology and offering a 180 degree view from the dog's eyes. Human and canine behavior vary so that you first must understand your pet's needs, wants and capabilities before assuming your dog is the actual problem. Dogs' behavior is often influenced by the environment you create.

People tend to humanize their pets which offers companionship, love and security (the reasons we all bring dogs into our lifestyles) however, this can also lead to problems. Through motivational (psychological) based programs, we are able to build a bond and repair negative behavior. We do not focus on a dog's mistakes but rather re-route your dog's behavior, providing him with a positive alternative pattern that results in a happier dog and owner.

Our custom designed training programs are implemented on a daily basis and are tailored to fit your needs. Remember, it's consistency that counts. Canines are pattern-oriented animals, and erratic training patterns can add to your dog's stress and frustration. Without constancy your dog will never truly understand the relationship of obedience. Obedience training is the bond that you develop with your dog through guidance, patience, trust and understanding. You should be a leader not an intimidator.

Your dog should look to you for direction not avoid you based on fear of correction.

Our years of training and knowledge of dog behavior is at your disposal. With our individualized training programs (NO GROUPS OR MASS CONFUSION) you are assured that your needs and circumstances will be addressed. Our training is so effective we can afford to offer you a LIFETIME WRITTEN GUARANTEE.

Puppy Training

Open to: Puppies from 8 weeks to 15 weeks.

This important starting point is to educate owners and to focus on the importance of nutrition, socialization, simple training approaches, crate schedules, housebreaking and a discussion of age related development. This is a very important imprinting age for your new puppy and is where the basic understanding of social structure and proper bonds are formed. Starting off on the right foot can help you avoid undesirable behaviors in the future such as destructive chewing, over aggressiveness, jumping, excessive barking, separation anxieties and phobias. Puppy training sessions are offered at our school or in your home to suit your individual needs. Call today to schedule your appointment.

Behavioral Consultations

Open to: All breeds, all ages, all problems.

Behavioral consultations are offered to owners looking to better understand dog psychology and their dog's behaviors. By thinking like your dog, you will be better able to understand him and his capabilities. Some problems are situational or environmental and should be ruled out before assuming the dog is the problem. Our years of experience and proven training approaches are available to you during this session. We are here to address any concerns and issues you may be experiencing and will advise you on the appropriate course of action necessary to resolve your concerns. For your convenience consultations are offered by phone, at our school or in your home.

Obedience Training

Open to: All breeds. Must be at least 16 weeks old.

What is obedience?

Obedience is a bond, relationship, an understanding and a focus. We teach your dog to choose to accept your instruction versus instinctively reacting towards situations (drives).

Basic Obedience Training (fixed position) is the first step in establishing this relationship and is the foundation for all future training. This on-leash course enables you to better communicate with your pet and will include teaching through positive, humane, fun and motivational (psychological) methods using our unique approach of re-routing (not focusing on the negatives). We will establish a series of hand signals as well as voice commands, teach you proper leash handling, re-enforcement techniques, schedule socialization patterns, and address all issues and concerns. Also in this course we include an orientation to advanced obedience training.

Advanced Obedience Training is the highest level of obedience and consists of your dog completely working off a leash. This thorough course hones your dogs ability to retain an intense focus on his handler(s) and to avoid all distractions. Through utility patterns (random format) we are able to teach your dog multiple variations of all commands no longer requiring hand signals. Through your voice only you will now have total control of your dog exceeding distances of 400 feet regardless of distractions. Think of the benefits and rewards of having a dog trained to this degree. You may want to show your dog off at obedience competitions, to your friends and neighbors or simply not worry when the front door gets left open.

Private Lessons

For dog owners looking for a one on one approach we offer private sessions. These lessons will help you better understand different styles and methods of dog training. based upon your concerns and goals we will customize a training program to best suit your needs. For your conveniance these lessons are offered at our school or in your home.

Semi-Private Group Lessons

This semi private class approach (no more than four dogs and handlers) is offered to provide a general overview of basic on-leash handling, socialization and problem solving without the distraction of a large group setting. Contact us for class schedules and more information.

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